Reliable Energy for Rural Arizona

Arizona Electric Power Cooperative (AEPCO) is embarking on an action plan to diversify its portfolio, improve reliability, and transition to a cleaner energy future. Learn more about our current project and resource plan. Then show your support by filling-out the form below and sending a message to the Arizona Corporation Commissioners who will be considering AEPCO’s application to finance new power resource projects.

Action Plan Projects

As a community-based, democratic, not-for-profit provider of power, transmission, and energy services, AEPCO’s action plan is founded on its core mission: to provide reliable power and value-added services to member electric cooperatives and public power utilities—and the communities they serve—at the lowest possible cost.

Apache Solar II – Cochise

The Apache Solar II project will provide 235 MWac of solar combined with 940 MWh batteries for energy storage. All the power from the project will go to AEPCO to serve our members in Cochise, Graham, Greenlee and other rural communities in Arizona. The energy produced from the Apache Solar II Project is essential to ensure continued reliable, safe service, at the lowest possible cost. The Apache Solar II project will reduce water consumption and air emissions by offsetting the operation of existing steam generation. These investments will help stabilize or lower energy costs will reduce our dependence on increasing fuel and market power costs.

Apache Station — Cochise County, Arizona

Part of AEPCO’s action plan will be to develop two efficient, quick-start and fast-ramping natural gas turbines at Apache Station to help modernize its power generation resources, increase renewable integration, and meet the requirements of evolving energy markets. Apache Station is a power plant in Cochise County that AEPCO has operated since 1961 with existing natural gas and electric transmission infrastructure. These new natural gas units will not only offset the operation of older, less efficient units that AEPCO currently operates, they will also help integrate new renewable resources. This includes a large utility-scale solar project also being developed at Apache Station, which will be among the largest electric cooperative solar projects in the nation.

Mohave Energy Park — Mohave County, Arizona

AEPCO is also working together with Mohave Electric Cooperative (MEC) to diversify its power generation resources by developing a new plant site in Mohave County. In this next phase, Mohave Energy Park will include two efficient, quick-start and fast-ramping natural gas turbines located next to MEC’s existing solar and battery energy storage center. Diversification of resources will improve reliability for MEC’s consumer-members, and it will provide economic benefit to the communities they serve.

Project Locations

Key Observation Point 1 (Existing) Looking Southeast from 4650 North Cochise Stronghold Rd.

Key Observation Point 1 (Simulation)

Key Observation Point 5 (Existing) Looking Southeast from 4100 North Cochise Stronghold Rd.

Key Observation Point 5 (Simulation)

Plan Benefits

Integration with Renewable Energy Resources

Lower Emission Rates Compared to older Coal and Natural Gas Resources

Improves Efficiency and Reduced Market Exposure

Provides Competitively Priced Energy to Rural Arizona

Flexible Quick-Start and Fast-Ramping Operation Provides Reliability Benefits

Capable of Operating on Clean Hydrogen

Plan Fact Sheet

Download Cooperatives in Transition Fact Sheet (PDF)

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